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Want A Flexible Work/Life Balance?

Although you’re at the stage of realizing that selling your social media services and getting clients feels tougher than you expected?

> Do you struggle to know where to start, and feel split between work and your family?

> Do you have a digital skill you know you’re awesome at, perhaps VA work, or Website building, or Facebook Page administration, that you can offer other businesses?

> Do you need help setting goals and plans to succeed, so you can spend some free time with your kids at the pool?

> Do you want to pay off that mortgage? But have no idea how to work less for far more income?

> Are you more self-aware now than ever before and realize it’s time to kick-ass and create the dream lifestyle?

> Do you want more intimacy with your loved ones, less work stress and be a better parent?

> What if you could land a few high-paying clients and get that super new mega family car?

I Can Help you Do This!

Hi, my name is Chris Hambly I’ve been at exactly the same place you probably are now…

I completely understand your frustrations..

I know what it feels like to be stuck and torn between earning money and wanting more family time…

I also know what is going to help you to move forward and achieve the lifestyle you crave…

Over the last 10 years I’ve run a social media/digital consultancy that continues to pay me 5 figured residual monthly income by providing social media & digital solutions to small local businesses…

I will to show you how you can start and grow your own consultancy..


A Social Media Consultant?!!

Does being a Social Media Consultant sound a bit fancy?

It’s the coolest thing ever because it helps you get clients…

ALL businesses know they need something to do with “social”, but usually have no idea what…

So calling yourself a Social Media Consultant gets the conversation started…

Being a Social Media Consultant means you can identify opportunities in a business, and provide a solution for that, YOUR solution, the thing you are passionate about and love doing…

Because you have some digital service that you are passionate about and you are able to do it for others you can call yourself a Social Media Consultant, and….

The best part is you can work less than ever before…

That’s what I do, I work smart, and it means I get to spend loads of quality time with my family, when I want…

And I don’t have to work with idiots…

Nor a boss..

And guess what, all this is on a laptop and no fancy office.

That’s right, I have a small office in my garden and I do the school runs most days, and the dad taxi to all the kids clubs because I love it!

We get to go to Dubai every year (I’m in UK), and various other cool destinations like Barcelona – I even got my teeth done in Dubai!

The kids love this life because they get so much quality time with me and Jo (my wife).

I love it so much that I help people just like you obtain the same freedom and flexibility.

You know, I live the life, and teach the life, it’s very genuine and very authentic…

I can teach you how to do this through an online Success Pathway that contains my 20 years of experience into just 8 weeks…

I hold nothing back and you’ll be blown away with the experience and success this can yield for you whatever your passion and digital service is.

Really, whatever it is you love, VA, Website Builder, SEO, Newsletter, Video Conferencing, FB Admin, you’ll discover this pathway will help you refine it, sell and scale it…

And you want that don’t you? 

More free time, flexible hours, working with who you choose…

Who wouldn’t!

We call this the Social Media Mafia because it is one big family, and I invite you to join the family today before we put the price up massively!

The Success Pathway

Week 1 - Mindset

In this week we will get you through an on-boarding process to orientate yourself with the Academy and then we will be focusing on your mind, the growth of your mind and how to begin to set goals like a super skilled mobster muscling in on new territory. 

What I find of paramount importance for someone wanting to become a social media consultant is getting their head together to think like one, plan like one, be one, and that starts with a growth and goal setting mentality.

Week 2 - Market

In week 2 I turn your attention to the subject of choosing a niche for your social media consultancy. This is a fundamental concept you must understand if you are going to carve out a decent territory for your own family. 

You must become a specialist at one thing, become known as THAT person in that niche, in your territory.

So this is the entire focus of week 2.

Week 3 - Strategy

In this week I turn your attention to business strategy and specifically I want you to think big and plan for your future.

The greatest empires are built on excellent strategic plans and executions – no not executing people – executing strategic plans with utter focus.

You must put systems and processes in place at this point in order to ensure you can scale and grow further along your pathway.

Week 4 - Transition

This week is a week where I want you to transition completely into thinking like a consultant.

Many people skip this hurdle in theory development and wonder why they have issues scaling and charging higher and higher fees.

Fundamentally we are moving away from a mindset of charging per hour to a framework that charges for the value YOU provide and bring to the client. Just very small elements introduced into a business can sometimes have a massive impact on their bottom line, that is adding value.

Week 5 - Leads

We now move onto the very important aspect of getting leads for your business, and actually this also applies to getting leads for your clients. 

So the single most effective and predictable way of getting leads for your consultancy is through paying for them through advertising. However, before we get into that world we need to consider how to actually “capture” a lead in the first instance.

And then look at how we can create pathways or journeys to funnel the leads into.

Week 6 - Traffic

This week is all about the very important aspect of traffic.

You’re going to need traffic both for yourself, to grow your business and also you need to be able get traffic for your clients.

So we focus on both paid and organic traffic this week, and how best to approach each and what to look out for.

Week 7 - Sales

Week 7 is often a huge game changer for many of our students, the reason being is this. The courses in this week will turn you into a sales machine, meaning you can go out and land huge retained contracts for your consultancy.

The Sales Process course in this week has literally been one of the most life changing processes for me personally and enabled me to generate eye watering sums of money from clients.

I cannot stress how important it is for you to focus on this week heavily and immediately put it into practice.

Week 8 - Fulfillment

Hey , you’re a rock star! You’ve won your first contract – a fat monthly retainer which will pay the bills and then some. Boom!! However it’s not quite time to relax and start browsing villas in Tuscany. You now have to do the real work you’re being paid for.

The good news though is that this is not at all hard because if you’re a human, and I’m assuming you are at least part-human, then you are already equipped with most of the skills you need, You’re going to be dealing with fellow humans so you’ll just need a few guidelines on their particular traits and foibles. You’ll notice that it all appears fairly straightforward and that’s because it is. The only key difference between these humans and those in your social network is that you’re entering a business relationship with them; and that relationship is potentially fraught with conflict and stress if you fail to pay attention to some simple guidelines. This course will teach you those guidelines and will lead you to a harmonious and mutually profitable future.

Student Success


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