A Training Academy For Social Media Managers That Want To Become High Earning Consultants & Stop Trading Time For Money…

…Let Us Bribe You With The 5 Step Perfect Sales Process Playbook…FREE When You Create An Account TODAY!

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Consulting and coaching entrepreneurs since 1998!!

Hey I’m Chris Hambly.

Myself and my business partner Karl are looking for a few “Dream Team” friends that want to create their own lifestyle business as a social media consultant…

You will be given access to a complete eLearning Academy program that takes you step by step through the process to become a social media consultant…

This Academy is not about the small details of how to set up a FB Page or the latest Hashtag techniques on Instagram.

Instead it is about how to create a consultancy business and sell your social media related services for high fees…

Maybe your service is email marketing, SEO, Facebook marketing, copywriting, web site design, Twitter growth…

The Academy will help you grow services, your contracts, your retainers, your business…

I’ve grown and sold two businesses and worked as an internet professional for 20 years…

All my experience is in this Academy so you can benefit from major short cuts to success, and systems and processes that have made me hundreds of thousands of $$$$…

You know, I want you to try my systems and get your own success…

If you want this opportunity before we start charging high access fees now is the time to get in as a Founding Member…

You need to commit to a 7 day trial then it is only 47/month after 7 days, but you can cancel easily, not that you’re likely to once you see what’s available to you.

There is currently about $14,000 worth of courses already! and we add more every month!

Click the button, complete the form, totally looking forward to connecting with you.

Chris Hambly.

Amazing Community

As an Academy member, in addition to our online classrooms and courses that are full of videos, downloads, templates, checklists, quizzes and missions you will also be able to take part in live online workshops.

They take place in our private group where you can meet and hang out with other amazing Mob members, just like you.

You’ll be able to get significant additional value every week.

Discover Freedom

Being the Boss and working for yourself is something to cherish, it’s a fabulous feeling.

Take time off when you want, on your terms.

A lifestyle business as a Social Media Consultant Boss is waiting for you.

We have a range of courses to suit your specific needs including our flagship product the 8-week Success Pathway that will unlock the door to freedom for you.



Why Learn With Us?


Social Media Professionals for Over 20 Years

We’ve performed work for clients as large as Coca-Cola, BP and Capital One as well as small local builders and plumbers.


Thousands Of Students

Since 1998 we have reached literally thousand and thousands of men and women just like you through our training and events.


Located Everywhere

Training is available online all over the World and some of our members even create small focus groups in their own locations.


World Class Educators

We’re not only qualified with Masters degrees in Business and Education we’ve also enviable battle tested experience of growing, running and selling several businesses.


The Academy

$14K Worth Of Courses And Growing

Massive value of courses inside the members area.

Templates And Scripts

Copy and paste templates, scripts and swipe files.

Progress Tracking

Track your learning achievements and success as you progress.

Q&A Sessions / Private Community

Access the private members-only community.

Members Deals

Benefit from members only deals not available anywhere else.

Earn Badges

Earn badges as you progress to show off your achievements.

Come to our H.Q. Downtown in Little Italy with a brown envelope full of your monthly proceeds for the Mafia, we'll then have a strong drink and celebrate our wins together..

Ha! Seriously, all billing is taken care of in the background on a subscription basis.

You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel easily.

Once you join the Mafia you can never leave, don't you know that?

But really, of course you can cancel your monthly membership at any point and you're free to go.

All our training is available from the instant you join.

But, it gets better because the longer you stay the more you'll get as we add more courses and content regularly and host live workshops, webinars etc, for Made Members only.

So it is in your interest to stay in the Family.

The Social Media Mafia Academy is for you if you want to run your own social media business selling digital/online services for other businesses.

It is also for you if you are looking for short courses on growing your digital marketing, social media, for your own business.

The Academy is like a business school, and provides you with a business model and proven successful processes packaged in courses so you can set-up and grow your own business.

Yes, members from many of our previous events have gone on to achieve incredible success such as running huge global social media agencies or commanding life-changing fees by being social media consultants.

We use the term social media here to mean "online solutions" for other businesses.

So Facebook Advertising, FB Page Admin, SEO, Website Design, Email Marketing, PR, eCommerce. Google Ads, etc etc.

  • Week 1: Mindset - The most fundamental element for achieving success is your mind, we get you thinking straight, setting goals, and working towards smashing the shit out of them (value $475)


  • Week 2: Market - Knowing your market inside out is paramount to landing new clients and speaking in their language, we get you drilling down on a profitable niche (value $475)


  • Week 3: Strategy - All dominant empires have strategy at their core, it's how plans are formed, and executed with precision, this enables scale and future proofing of your consultancy (value $275)


  • Week 4: Structure - Who does what, where and how? Another huge misconception is that you have to do everything, you DON'T and shouldn't, this week is about playing to your strengths (value $275)


  • Week 5: Leads - What business can survive without leads? NONE - so we show you how to get an abundance of them and efficiently, for you and for your clients who will pay for that alone (value $997)


  • Week 6: Traffic - Where can we find the people we want to reach to turn into customers, how can we attract them to our own offers and our clients' offers, we dig into this in week 6 (value $475)


  • Week 7: Sales - You've researched your niche, you've planned your messaging, you've got traffic and leads and now it is time to sell your services with this killer look 'them in the eyes' sales process (value $1500)


  • Week 8: Fulfullment -You've done the hard bit and now you have to nurture the client relationship and deliver excellence in order to retain those awesome contracts and ensure your consultancy continues to crush it (value $997)

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