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Supercharge Your Business With The Social Media Mafia Business Academy

Be a Player and not a Victim in your business, no excuses, everything is your responsibility…

Who is it for?

The Social Media Mafia Business Academy is for you if you want to start, grow, or level up your digital services.

Choose from a range of short courses as well as full career pathways.

Whatever you decide is your specialized racket we are here to help you grow a dominating business around it.

We cover everything required to set-up build and grow a successful business in your field.

Practice makes perfect

We understand your hectic schedule, it’s normal, we’re all busy.

We also know the only way you can truly understand a subject is by practicing it in a real environment on those mean streets.

This is why you can experience a training turf that’s full of courses, lessons and hours of real executable exercises questions and challenges.

Work your way up through the ranks and earn badges of honor.

Quality virtual campus

In addition to our online classrooms, that are full of videos, downloads, templates, checklists, quizzes and missions we also offer an option to take part in live online workshops.

They take place in our private Facebook group where you can meet and hang out with other Mob members.

You’ll be able to get significant additional value every week.

Your environment

Every Mafia Soldier that has become an empire dominating Boss has studied their rackets and markets hard.

Studying online can also be hard for your loved ones to understand be it family members or your spouse.

We highly recommend you create a “study space” in your home/office which is your learning territory.

We also suggest timetabling yourself unavailable during those essential study periods.

Earn badges

Some of the Academy courses enable you to obtain digital badges of honor, which you can display with pride on your own website, adding credibility to your client offerings.

Badges are usually obtained when you display a significant understanding in one particular subject area.

Get certified

Some of the courses available in the Academy enable you to get certified.

Getting certified means you have completed a significant amount of work and a variety of tasks in order to meet a verified and appropriate level of knowledge.

We take our pathways and courses seriously and achieveing a certifiate is a testament to your hard work.

Come to our H.Q. Downtown in Little Italy with a brown envelope full of your monthly proceeds for the Mafia, we'll then have a strong drink and celebrate our wins together..

Ha! Seriously, all billing is taken care of in the background on a subscription basis.

You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel easily.

Once you join the Mafia you can never leave, don't you know that?

But really, of course you can cancel your monthly membership at any point and you're free to go.

All our training is available from the instant you join.

But, it gets better because the longer you stay the more you'll get as we add more courses and content regularly and host live workshops, webinars etc, for Made Members only.

So it is in your interest to stay in the Family.

The Social Media Mafia Academy is for you if you want to run your own social media business selling digital/online services for other businesses.

It is also for you if you are looking for short courses on growing your digital marketing, social media, for your own business.

The Academy is like a business school, and provides you with a business model and proven successful processes packaged in courses so you can set-up and grow your own business.

Yes, members from many of our previous events have gone on to achieve incredible success such as running huge global social media agencies or commanding life-changing fees by being social media consultants.

We use the term social media here to mean "online solutions" for other businesses.

So Facebook Advertising, FB Page Admin, SEO, Website Design, Email Marketing, PR, eCommerce. Google Ads, etc etc.

  • Week 1: Mindset - The most fundamental element for achieving success is your mind, we get you thinking straight, setting goals, and working towards smashing the shit out of them (value $475)


  • Week 2: Market - Knowing your market inside out is paramount to landing new clients and speaking in their language, we get you drilling down on a profitable niche (value $475)


  • Week 3: Strategy - All dominant empires have strategy at their core, it's how plans are formed, and executed with precision, this enables scale and future proofing of your consultancy (value $275)


  • Week 4: Structure - Who does what, where and how? Another huge misconception is that you have to do everything, you DON'T and shouldn't, this week is about playing to your strengths (value $275)


  • Week 5: Leads - What business can survive without leads? NONE - so we show you how to get an abundance of them and efficiently, for you and for your clients who will pay for that alone (value $997)


  • Week 6: Traffic - Where can we find the people we want to reach to turn into customers, how can we attract them to our own offers and our clients' offers, we dig into this in week 6 (value $475)


  • Week 7: Sales - You've researched your niche, you've planned your messaging, you've got traffic and leads and now it is time to sell your services with this killer look 'them in the eyes' sales process (value $1500)


  • Week 8: Fulfullment -You've done the hard bit and now you have to nurture the client relationship and deliver excellence in order to retain those awesome contracts and ensure your consultancy continues to crush it (value $997)


How Will The Academy Help?

Course Library

Constantly growing library of social media business courses.

Templates And Scripts

Copy and paste templates, scripts and swipe files.

Progress Tracking

Track your learning achievements and success as you progress.

Private Group

Access the private members-only community.

Members Deals

Benefit from members only deals not available anywhere else.

Earn Badges

Earn badges as you progress to show off your achievements.


Course Stats





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