Delegate Buffet Lunch Menu

This is the type of lunch you will be getting if you come along to Social Media in Business. DELEGATE BUFFET LUNCH MENU Cream of tomato and basil soup Fisherman’s pie with cheesy mash topping Herbed Portobello mushroom lasagne Roast leg of Southdown lamb with garlic...
Social Media In Business Conference

Social Media In Business Conference

Our Social Media Mafia branch is hosting an exciting, and more importantly, a highly educational conference. Social Media in Business This is taking place at a swanky hotel known as the Crowne Plaza, in Marlow, Bucks, UK, just a stones throw away from our Audana H.Q....

dim3 ak7ion

dim3 ak7ion is game on. Needless to say a variety of: dim3 ak7ion memorabilia is collecting. But does it mean anything to you, personally? – are you tainted with such brushes?

Get Loaded In The Park

Sometimes I enjoy taking random shots, or rather shots which are pretty much composed in a matter of seconds, you know just line the lens up and shoot while the subjects are (a) completely unaware, or (b) know they are being shot but have not had time to get into...

Blip Fm

I’ve been enjoying quite a bit recently. Blip reminds me of Twitter a fair amount, although it’s not really a conversational platform like Twitter can be. Blip is touted as a DJ platform, though I must admit, for me it’s even more personal...

List of Countries

I was finding it hard to obtain a list of countries without odd characters. I often need a list each starting on a new-line, for a variety of projects so I’m putting one here for easy retrieval. Afghanistan Åland Islands Albania Algeria American Samoa Andorra...

PhD Educational Technology

So I am thinking I need to get my PhD mind-set back on track. It’s been too long “off the boil” and now is a probably a good time to start working towards formalising more thoughts. I’m in a place where I can more than likely establish strong...

Game News

If you are into games and the news could you spare three mins and list your sources, Offline and Online. Feel free to use html with anchor text. Thanks

Film News

Can you tell me where you get your game news, what sources? Please include Offline as well as Online. Feel free to use html in the anchor text. Thanks

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