How To Make $1,000 to $10,000+ A Month

From 1-5 Small Businesses…

Without Doing The Social Media Manager Work…


*Act Fast Before Price Increases Just $47/Month

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Is this you?

You’re at the stage of realizing that getting new clients is tougher than you expected…

It is a total pain in the ass that you have to juggle too many balls…

You waste time updating client social media accounts for very little financial reward…

You feel split between work and your family or friends…

You’re awesome at a digital service that you can offer other businesses…

You need help setting goals and plans to succeed…

You’d like to know how to work less for far more income…

You realize it’s time to kick-ass and create the dream lifestyle…

You’re ready to focus on getting 1-5 small high-paying clients and reach 10K/Month rapidly?

You Can Do This!

Hi, my name is Chris Hambly I’ve been at exactly the same place you probably are now…

I completely understand your frustrations…

I know what it feels like to be stuck and torn between earning money and wanting more family time…

I also know what is going to help you move forward and achieve the lifestyle you crave…

Over the last 10 years I’ve run a social media/digital consultancy that continues to pay me a 5 figured residual monthly income by providing social media & digital solutions to small local businesses…

I will show you how you can start working smarter and grow your own consultancy..

A Social Media Consultant?!!

All businesses know they need something to do with “social”, but usually have no idea what…

Calling yourself a Social Media Consultant gets the sales conversation started…

As a Social Media Consultant you’ll be able to identify opportunities in a business, and provide a solution for that…

But here’s the neat thing..

YOU don’t actually do the work

You become like The Godfather, and pull the strings and order others to do the work for you…

You can work less than ever before…

That’s what I do, I work smart, and it means I get to spend loads of quality time with my family, when I want…

And I don’t have to work with idiots…

Nor a boss…

And guess what, all this is on a laptop and no fancy office…

That’s right, I have a small office in my garden and I do the school runs most days, and the dad taxi to all the kids clubs because I love it!

We get to go to Dubai every year, to hang out with my business partner (I’m in UK), and various other cool destinations like Barcelona, Rome – I even got my teeth done in Dubai!

The kids love this life because they get so much quality time with me and Jo (my wife)…

I love it so much that I help people just like you obtain the same freedom and flexibility

You know, I live the life, and teach the life, it’s very genuine and very authentic…

I can teach you how to do this through an online Success Pathway that contains my 20 years of experience into just 8 weeks…

I hold nothing back and you’ll be blown away with the experience and success this can yield for you…

Really, whatever it is you love, VA, Website Builder, SEO, Newsletter, Video Conferencing, FB Admin, you’ll discover this pathway will help you refine it, sell and scale it…

And you want that don’t you?

More free time, flexible hours, working with who you choose…

Who wouldn’t!

We call this the Social Media Mafia because it is one big family and you will become THE BOSS, pulling the strings and utilizing others to do the work…

I invite you to join our Family today…

*Act Fast Before Price Increases Just $47/Month

Success Pathway - Program Outline

Week 1 - Mindset

Week 1: Mindset - The most fundamental element for achieving success is your mind, we get you thinking straight, setting goals, and working towards smashing the shit out of them. (value $475)

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The Onboarding Course

Video Navigation
Code Of Honor
Print Out
Initiation Quiz "The Books Are Open"

The Growth Mindset Course

What is mindset?
Growth is inevitable
Knowing yourself
Rebooting your beliefs
Productivity follows mindset

The Setting Goals Course

There are always goals
Why do we set goals?
Your route card to success
Dream big
Review it
Honing is owning
Walk your own path
Get out there and start kicking goals

Week 2 - Market

Week 2: Market - Knowing your market inside out is paramount to landing new clients and speaking in their language, we get you drilling down on a profitable niche (value $475)

Niche Selection Course

Core Markets
Red Oceans
Blue Oceans
Blue Ocean Example
Picking your niche
Competitive Analysis
The Mission
Niche Selection Quiz

Week 3 - Strategy

Week 3: Strategy - All dominant empires have strategy at their core, it's how plans are formed, and executed with precision, this enables scale and future proofing of your consultancy (value $475)

The Strategic Objective Course

Strategic Objectives Overview
Strategic Objectives Video
Company Examples
Social Media Company Example
Do Not Underestimate
A Team Mentality
Strategic Objectives Quiz

The Strategic Vision Course

What Will You Be Selling?
Who Will You Be Selling To?
Strategic Vision Examples
Your Mission

Week 4 - Transition

Week 4: This week is a week where you transition completely into thinking like a consultant. Fundamentally we are moving away from a mindset of charging per hour to a framework that charges for the value YOU provide and bring to the client. Just very small elements introduced into a business can sometimes have a massive impact on their bottom line, that is adding value - (value $475)

The Becoming A Consultant Course

Course Objectives
What do consultants do?
1 Quiz
You Deserve It
1 Quiz
3 Things You Must Do
Key Qualities
1 Topic
It's OK To Sell Yourself
1 Topic
The Apprentice has become the Master

The Business Roles Course

Example Structure
Board Of Directors (The Commission)
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) - The Boss
Chief Operating Officer (COO) - Underboss
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
Roles Knowledge Check

Week 5 - Leads

Week 5: Leads - What business can survive without leads? NONE - so we show you how to get an abundance of them and efficiently, for you and for your clients who will pay for that alone (value $997)

The Sales Funnels Course

What Is a Sales Funnel?
The Stages Of a Funnel
Types Of Funnel Content
Click Funnels Promo Video
Building Tools
Data Gathering
Lead Magnet Funnel
Survey Funnel
Webinar Funnel
Application Funnel
Mini Class Launch Funnel
Product Sales Funnel
Stacking Funnels
[Case Study] $1K A Day Boat Hire Booking System Example
[Case Study] How to Use Webinars to Generate $72K Profit in Less Than 30 Days
[Case Study] Amber Renae Reveals Her $22,000/Month Freedom Funnel

The Automated Appointment Sales Funnel Course

Overview Of The Process
The Opt-In Bribe
High Value Content
Setup An Online Calendar
Plan Your Messaging
Build The Sales Funnel
The Numbers
Auto Appointments Quiz

Week 6 - Traffic

Week 6: Traffic - Where can we find the people we want to reach to turn into customers, how can we attract them to our own offers and our clients' offers? We dig into this in week 6 (value $475)

The Traffic Sources Course

Why Paid Traffic
Solo Ads
Facebook Ads
Google Adwords
Organic Traffic
Facebook Profile

Week 7 - Sales

Week 7: Sales - You've researched your niche, you've planned your messaging, you've got traffic and leads and now it is time to sell your services with this killer look 'them in the eyes' sales process (value $1500)

The Consultancy Interviewing Course

Getting the structure right
What is a consultancy interview?
Do you like Peas?
You get what you ask for
Smashing it

The Needs Analysis Course

Adding Value
Gathering Information
Establishing the Root Cause
So how is Root Cause Analysis Done?
Documenting is Doing
How Do I Write All These Processes?
Gapping is Good
Report It Like You Mean It

The Perfect Sales Process Course

Welcome To Your Course
Overview Of The Process
The Right Person
Setting Appointments
Life Story
Build Rapport & Discover Need
Position Value & Close
Tourism Niche Example
Energy Supply Niche Example
Hand Cleaning Niche Example
Public Sector Niche Example

Week 8 - Fulfillment

Week 8: Fulfullment -You've done the hard bit and now you have to nurture the client relationship and deliver excellence in order to retain those awesome contracts and ensure your consultancy continues to crush it (value $997)

The Client Management Course

Plan like a Boss
Winning is only the beginning
Communication is key
Never Stop Learning
Always deliver value


This Is The Real Deal

*Act Fast Before Price Increases Just $47/Month

*Act Fast Before Price Increases Just $47/Month

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